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Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Something as simple as a change in your heart

life is not romantic, it's realistic

Hey there, I'm just dropping by to say I'm living quite a decent life now, with amazing people around me who constantly supports me & somehow reassures me that my life will get better. Yes, it does get better day by day. I stumble upon different problems now that I'm in college & I've met so many new faces. Interestingly, I have to say that I would really want to keep some of them for the rest of my life. But not all of them, I've grown annoyed to some of them though I've only known them for a few months. Oh bummer.

I guess everybody knows how spoiled & clingy I am. Amazingly, I get homesick so often that I have to go home on a weekly basis to see my family. I love being surrounded by my sisters' high-pitched screams & shouts & them running around all over the place. I just love the ambience at home.

I went home again just now in an impromptu manner although it's not even the weekends yet. I left some stuff at home & I decided to take them today. As usual, I'll plunge into a deep slumber right after reaching home & wake up some time between dinner. After I woke up, I straightaway went upstairs to take some stuff before going down again. What I didn't realise when I was going upstairs, was the thing that kept me awed for a few moments. I was literally stunned when I went down, because my view was remarkable. (Although I'm still caught up with my sleepiness)

The dinner table was just beneath my stairs so as I was walking down the stairs, I saw my whole family sitting there having dinner. I saw my sisters talking to each other & laughing to whatever they're referring to in their conversation. I saw my mum setting the table & putting rice into everybody's plates. I saw my dad helping my mum out & entertaining my sisters with their talks & asking them about their day. At that moment, I realise I really miss home.

I miss the welcoming atmosphere I've always felt when I'm home. I miss teasing my siblings whenever everybody's home. I'm somehow stirred with the fact that the house is almost "losing" its residents. 3 of us are away in boarding school & college, 1 is always busy with school & tuition, the remaining little ones are them who light up the house now with their cheerful attitudes & behaviours. My mum also posted about missing her kids in her Facebook page the other day & it almost made me break down.

I just miss home. I've started to appreciate them more than ever & treasured every single moment I had spent/will spend with them. I'll be going far away from them too, real soon. I love them dearly.
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