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Sunday, 24 May 2015

People say I'm crazy - they don't understand

nobody said it was easy, drifting away alone

The other day, I kind of decided to not just lay around in bed on a Sunday, go out, be productive & do something that does not involve food or anything "unhealthy". So I registered for a colour run event - yay - & asked a few of my friends to tag along in which none of them claimed to be free on that particular day. Yeap I went alone. Luckily there were a few of my friends who happen to go as well but didn't come to my attention.

Playing around with coloured powders was actually one of my bucket list, to be honest, so it was a really fun experience for me. Regardless of who were with me, but I can finally tick that off my bucket list. Yay to more fun experience & ticking off more activities on my bucket list.....with friends, I hope.

Anyway that is not my main point. I feel the urge to share an interesting experience here today. Please note that I'm not trying to be racist or pointing out to any general race in particular, but it so happened that while me & my friend, Su, were literally dragging ourselves in the sea of people, suddenly a few Malay girls threw powders right to my face. I was blinded for a whole minute. That minute was agonising, no joke. What shocked me was they thought it was a bloody joke. I could hear them laughing to my pain. Hahaha it was so funny right making people go through pain? :-)

I didn't have any water or even a towel with me, neither did Su, because we left them in our bags at the starting point & I kind of regretted it. However, if we brought the necessary things, I wouldn't experience this moving moment. We had to stop for a while & pulled out by the side of the road while I tried so hard to open my eyes. I could feel the burning sensation in my eyes & I thought I just wanted to pretend passing out so I won't have to blindly go through another few kilometers to complete the run. I tried so hard not to curse to the girls who didn't even bother to help me. Thanks a lot.

A Chinese couple came up to us after a minute of agony & they asked me if I was okay or needed any help. God bless them for giving me water & trying to help me. Another Chinese woman came up to us & offered a handkerchief to make it easier. They even helped me with clearing up the powders in my eyes. I was so touched & I could not thank them enough. God bless them, whoever they are.

It's not that I'm being sceptical or what but that's just how I experienced it. I was really crossed with the girls, whoever they are. Look, I don't mind if they wanted to play around with me or anything but jokes have their limits too. I won't mind a single bit if they had at least helped me & not just blindly went away. I was so pissed off but since I got help from some other people, the anger vanished. Humanity still exists. The medal I got at the end of the run made everything worth it.

ps; idk if they're just plain dumb or anything, but i'm pretty sure they're somewhere along that line
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