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Friday, 15 May 2015

Some things need to be broken before they can be fixed

sad chapter, not a sad story

I miss being a kid. Being able to do pretty much anything & exploring this magical world was magnificent. Everything was possible as long as you are able to picture them in that cheeky mind of yours. Those were the times when the only constraint to your playtime was your mum calling you for dinner. It was blissful being oblivious to what's actually happening out there in the "real" world, like seeing your parents making it through another hectic day at work without knowing how restless they actually were while still being able to cater to your incessant needs, yet you still complain on this & that, because you had no idea what they were actually going through. It's kind of sad to think about it now but hey, you can't blame the innocent kids right? They don't know anything. I didn't know anything.

Wasn't beautiful when you believed in everything? When you were a child, everything was possible & seemed so easy. You would just go through everyday, anticipating for new adventures you might create along the way & because of that, nothing would turn out bad unless if you were scolded by your parents for going overboard.

However, as we grow up, we don't believe in fairy tales & happy endings as much as we did as a child anymore mainly because we learnt our lessons the hard way. In the process of growing up, the things you used to believe in fade into the background as your fear of getting disappointed comes into picture. You begin to look at things in a more realistic manner & everything is either black or white. Funny how when we were young we used to play pretend & be someone we are not, but as we grow old we turn into this hideous person who we don't even recognise. It's even funnier to think we used to believe we can be working as a pilot or teacher or army or astronaut or anyone we want, but now all we could think of is how to get a decent job which will allow you to get a decent house & make you afford to pay the bills.

Now I often look back & think "wasn't it beautiful when I believed in everything?" It was.

ps; even if you called 6 months later, at 3am, i'd still answer
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