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Friday, 5 June 2015

I'm leaving all my past on silhouettes upon the walls

we're like symphonies & fireworks exploding in the sky

I'm not a person who's particularly fond of heights. It's horrifying for me to get 10 stories high, let alone looking down to all the minuscule buildings & people. However, there's a part of me that keeps myself coming back to high places, rooftops in particular. There's something soothing about being able to look at the things you regularly see everyday in your life from a different perspective, despite the eerie feeling that comes along with it. You never really realise how beautiful things may be from up above, because you've always taken those things for granted all along.

Maybe it's something about being close to the magnificent skies, or maybe it's about the absence of humans' filthy breathes, or maybe it's just because there are less people up there which gives me less things to fret about, but all I know is I am really in love with the notion of looking at things from a totally different point of view. As I watch people's daily idiosyncrasy, I am absolutely captivated. You can see an old woman trying to cross the street at one end, & you can also see a well-suited man rushing to wherever he's supposed to go, or you can also see the hideous pile of trash behind your favorite place to eat. It's as if you can view so many angles of life which you've subconsciously ignored all this while.

This is a secret, but I've always wanted to chill on a classy rooftop with a considerably huge swimming pool overlooking the skyline, with a glass of fresh orange in my hand, (I can't drink beer or wine so fresh orange would do as a substitute) accompanied by the group of people who really really matter to me. Add that to my long list of bucket list please. Those are the kind of things I'm always down to, with no questions asked.

Sometimes we just need a break from our daily boring routine & simply do an ordinary thing in a different way. I did that today with some of my best buds & it turned out super lively & enjoyable. I finally felt pleasant after a long while. The day's not over yet & I'm hoping I'd end this day with a decent closure. I'm deeply anticipating what is in store for me tomorrow & no matter how great/bad it might get, I'll still be grateful for being blessed with incredible people around me. Alhamdulillah.

ps; Ramadhan is coming in a few weeks & I can't wait!
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