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Monday, 22 June 2015

It's in the little things

I saw this picture the other day & until now, it's still overwhelming for me to comprehend how this is actually a life phase I am currently going through. The transition from high school to college was really exhilarating at first & even the thought of leaving school was very exciting. The vague freedom after school was the only thing I anticipated. Little did I know, there is so much more to life than freedom.

People say we tend to appreciate things more after we've lost them, but I don't believe as such. We know what we had, & we appreciated every single thing possible within our reach. We had endless of fun & joy with every little thing around us, perfectly distracted with the fact that those things are not entirely ours to keep. They belong to The Almighty, & can be taken away without us noticing. The fact that those things can be taken away from us in a blink of an eye makes us so gullible & naive, thinking that everything is eternal & will forever stay with us when the actuality is on the contrary.

The thing we're never prepared for is being distant from the ones we used to be so familiar with. When we get too attached to something & we forget to appreciate them on a daily basis, taking their presence for granted because we assume they will stick around for good. The problem steps in when we finally come into realization that one day, they will go far away too. We mentally prepare ourselves for that one fine day, but nobody is ever prepared for it, especially if it involves the ones who are dear to us. Whether we part because of distance, or some twists in the friendship, or just because we need to move along with our lives, they will all hurt us for a while.

The thing I'm scared most, is honestly when we've gotten too used to living without them. The ones who we couldn't simply live without, the people who would talk to us everyday, checking on how we'd been, or the person who would care for our well-being more than they care for themselves.

But then again, life stops for nobody & we cannot stay in a moment no matter how badly we want to. I just hope that one day when our paths finally cross again in the future, this bond will always stay the same as they are now (or used to be)
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