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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Try to slip past your defense, without granting innocence

i would've stayed up with you all night, had i known how to save a life

Being a friend doesn't necessarily equate to devoting all of your time to them, spending every single bit of your life with them or constant communication through the phone. Being a friend means watching out for each other's backs whenever the situation necessitates. Having to spend most of your time with a particular friend is a blessing, & one should really treasure all the moments spent together. At one point in your life, you won't have the time to consistently talk or see them as often as you can now so it's better to appreciate every single one of them now.

Lately, I've been randomly scrolling through my contacts list & simply called a few of my friends just to catch up with how they're doing. I may get so lifeless during the day, but at night when I talk to my friends, I know the bond between us won't easily fade or break. It's nice knowing that after a long time of not seeing each other, we can still annoy one another, though not physically, but through the phone would do.

I've also been texting a few of my friends "Happy Iftar" when the time comes because I know it kinda means something to them. I'm not sure about you guys, but every time I get an unexpected text from a buddy wishing me happy iftar or even to say good night, I'm absolutely flattered. It means they still remember me even if they've gotten too caught up with their own life. To devote some time to wish someone, it kinda means a lot. So far, the reigning champ still goes to Hazran Hazmal. He owns the title since 2013.

Some of my friends may be as far as 5km from home or hundreds of km's or even across the South China Sea, but I know we'd still have each other's back. It's just that we have to move along with our own separate paths & it's inevitable. All I know is I treasure every single one of them & hopefully we'll see each other again in a better circumstance in the future, InsyaAllah.

ps; the fact that you're the only person who remembered my birth date in Islamic calendar & the only person besides my mum who wished me kinda makes me want to go back but I know it's impossible
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