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Wednesday, 1 July 2015

I'm obsessed with songs that poured my heart out for me

As you might already know, or might not even care, I'm in the process of deleting my social media accounts. I've deleted Twitter & Instagram for good, & hopefully I'll get rid of the complications that are associated with both of the accounts. I myself am not a person who fancies attention that much, so that explains why I think I need to readjust & reconstruct most of my social media accounts. I think I've been following too many unnecessary people & frankly, I hate the unspoken law of having to follow someone just because you are schoolmates or you've once met them in an insignificant occasion or because you have so many mutuals. I once held on to that principle but over the years, people have been indirectly urging me to change that & never have I regretted a thing so bad in my life. I decided I won't change for anyone else.

I'll make new accounts, if I ever made a final decision on that matter but for the time being, I'll just lay low. I want my private matters to remain private, & I'll let time decide whether I should be sharing anything with my so called "friends" later on. But one thing for sure, I'll seriously limit my viewers strictly to only good friends, not anybody else & I won't be following back a bunch of them if I don't feel like it. It's nice having a few things off my mind for a while, or else I'll be scrolling through Twitter & Instagram the whole day. Talk about immersing myself in all the dramas online. I'll just stick to Tumblr & this blog as they never disappoint me in any way.

I'm fine, really, if anyone had been wondering why did I ever go offline. It's just that I felt like I do not necessarily need to share anything with people at this point in time. This does not only give me so much time to spend on other stuff, but I get to reflect or even to be carefree too. I just want that, and real buddies by my side & not 2000+ followers online who may questionably "care" about me.

ps; what's the point of me having 2000 followers when you're not one of them
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