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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Seasons change, feelings change, people change

Ramadan, to me, has always been about togetherness. I've always anticipated this holy month the whole year, however as how I act now, I seem to not fully utilise the presence of this month yet. Idk, maybe I'm too caught up with my life or maybe it's the fact that I really need to work on my relationship with Him. May Allah guide me on the right path, always.

Iftars in Ramadan are always the best part. No matter how famished I get during the day, I will always look forward to that time of the day. Well, who doesn't right? The thought of getting together in a single table with the closest people - that's appealing. The best iftars of all for me, is the one where my whole family is seated on the same table. It's not that easy to have my complete family at home, so whenever I have the chance of breaking fast with them, I'll sure as hell won't miss it. I won't get the chance as often later on in life.

I would also look forward to reuniting with my close buds, the ones who I rarely see on a monthly basis or even the ones who I have the privilege of seeing their faces every week or everyday. I miss them.

Some people have asked me this; how do you show a person how much you appreciate them? The thing is, you don't. It's not like you can measure your "appreciation" or "affection" by money or time. These things are subjective, and they come on their own. You don't really need to make it obvious to make them feel appreciated. You just do, & they'll just know.

ps; my best Ramadan will always be when I had you by my side
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