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Monday, 13 July 2015

They say move on - but where do I go?

I'm currently in the process of getting my driving license, & the driving school I'm enrolled in is close to Subang Skypark Terminal, which apparently is also the place where my best friend is studying. Being close to the airport is inexplicably captivating & also knowing that I'm just a few kilometers away from my best bud is exciting every time. That's why I look forward to my weekly lessons.

One of the many reasons why I love going to airports, is because I'm emotionally invested with the thought of traveling far away. Experiencing distinct cultures & making my way through an entirely foreign place deeply fascinate me. One can learn & benefit so much from a single trip to somewhere they are unfamiliar with. Like you will need to do some research for shelter or means of transportation beforehand, & you will need to effectively communicate with the natives, or scout around for new endeavours to attempt. Trust me, traveling brings more vibrant colours into your life.

There's also something peaceful about watching airplanes departing & landing. I can sit on the sidewalk outside the airport for hours watching the busy lanes, wondering where the plane is going to or what kind of people are in the plane? Are they going for a holiday? Or a diplomat? Are they coming home from abroad? I found out about this interesting app which can trace a specific plane, & sometimes I preoccupy my time with it.

Lastly, love is everywhere in airports. You can see people who may have been apart for some time reunited at the arrivals gate, & from the look on their faces you can figure out how genuinely happy they are, finally getting to see each other after being separated by distance for a while. Regardless whether they are tied together by family ties or friendship or marriage, everybody is happy. On the other side at the departures, you can see people who are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime, or maybe even going away for a few days on business purposes. Either way, you will see them accompanied by people they love who would be sending them off, hoping for them to have a nice trip & to return home soundly. Occasionally, you would see tears filling up their eyes, displaying how much compassion they have for their loved ones & how reluctant they are in being apart.

People say this world is full of hatred but if we observe closely, love is actually all around. Love is in the small things that we often take for granted. Sometimes we get too used to something that we forget why we should appreciate it in the first place. We'll feel more content if we notice those little things that are actually a big part of our life that we often subconsciously ignore.

I love the atmosphere in airports. I honestly love hearing the lady making announcements. I love seeing people in airports. I love how airports are tax-free. I basically love going to airports, especially if I were to go overseas for some family vacation.
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