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Monday, 6 July 2015

Thinking too much & speaking too little

I've always held onto the principle of respect & being considerate towards everyone, regardless of who they are or how they act or whatnot. I've always thought that this value is very crucial in order to conform the society which undoubtedly has a myriad of thoughts. This plethora may or may not cause a tiny dispute within the society, but in the end, if everyone had the least amount of respect for others, the clash of thoughts can be eventually solved without having to verbally assault another party just because they don't share the same opinion as we do.

For me, it's entirely okay to judge people. I, myself, silently judge the public whenever I'm engaging with them. It's not wrong to question why did this girl decide to have tons of piercings on her ears, or why is this guy's wearing a snapback in a mall, or why is this person overdressed for a certain occasion. It's not wrong to have judgments & to not agree with their choices. It's perfectly fine. What differentiates the Considerates and the Judgmentals, is when they start questioning other people's choices out loud.

It's not okay for you to ask a person to change their style just because it's "disturbing you". It's not okay to ask a person, "Are you out of your mind for wearing shades to school?". It's not okay to laugh at a person just because their fashion style does not coincide with your idea of "fashionable & trendy". It's not okay to tell people that their choices are wrong. It's not okay to point out to them that being different is out of style. It's not okay.

If you were to not agree with someone's decision on how they want to portray themselves, just keep it to yourself. You'll save your time trying to convince them that they're "wrong" & how your idea of doing things is always correct. You are not always correct & they are not always wrong either. It's not wrong to disagree, but you can always opt for agreeing to disagree.

It doesn't matter if someone sees something as white, but you see it as gray & someone else sees it as black. It doesn't matter if you can't see the darkness during a bright time. It doesn't matter if someone's different from you. It doesn't matter if you're different from them, too. As long as you're not directly affected by it, just keep your thoughts to yourself. You don't have to mock them for not sharing the same thoughts as you. It's disrespectful to do that. Understand the situation first, before establishing any judgments.

In the light of recent events, I believe that the US' decision of legalising gay marriage is a step further in advancing towards a post-modern society. You see, post-modernists are always arguing about people's freedom of choice, & I believe that although gay marriage is not a right thing to do, but it serves as an option for people who may choose to live their life that way. Just because something is legal, that does not necessarily mean it's a good thing. You don't have to agree to that if you don't want to. It's fine.

That is why we are entitled to have our own, individual opinions, & your opinion might not be parallel to your best friend's opinion on a certain thing, but as I said, you should always respect them & just leave it as it is. You can argue with them, & spark a bit of an intellectual debate between you, but in the end, if you can't find the best conclusion, just agree to disagree.

That being said, I think this is why I don't speak much in real life. I prefer to just keep my thoughts & opinions to myself & not having to cause any disagreements with the people around me. Judgmental people are sick, & sometimes they can go to great extents. The thing about them is that they think they're always right & that everybody else is plain stupid & other people are not entitled to have their own ideas. Now, who's the stupid one here? I'll just leave it at that.
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