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Friday, 3 July 2015

We are all sick but that's okay

Love is something fragile. If you were to hold it too tight, it'll break in your own grip. On the other hand, if you held onto it too loose, it'll fly away & fade as time passes. That's why love is a constant struggle & it's about putting in the right amount of effort to make it worthwhile.

Back when I said my life was collapsing, I exaggerated. My life was not falling apart around me. In fact, it was stripped down, bit by bit like a poster being ripped off from the wall. My life as I knew it, was being reconstructed & remodeled. I just wasn't ready for any change simply because I was too engrossed with the notion of having some things only for myself. I badly craved for things to stay the same forever. I wanted to stay in the brief moment. I lived recklessly & loved endlessly.

You told me you tried to make things work. It turned out I was just a failed attempt. It was hard for me to embrace the fact at first, but as I went along, everything made sense. I realised we were never made for each other, whether we like it or not. Maybe we were just meant to stay distant. The greatest extent we could ever go to, is being just friends. Never more than that.

I long for the smell of your hair in the morning. I crave for the touch of your skin against mine. I ache for your tight squeeze locking me within your arms. I die for your eyes that occasionally kill me inside. I yearn for your soothing voice that I never want to miss hearing everyday. I wish for you to be mine. I was so delusional.

The more I think of you & how happy you might have been now, the more I feel like letting go. Everything is becoming easier for me. Maybe it's true that time is the best healer. I didn't believe it at first, but everything is starting to fit into picture now. I am close to the last step of the tormenting flight of stairs. All I need now, is for you to let me go.
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