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Wednesday, 12 August 2015

I want love to surround me

The other day, a stranger's simple act of kindness has left me stunned. My prejudice on people had somehow diminished. It wasn't that much of a marvellous thing, but all in all I was shocked at what life has taught me.

I was sitting by the waist-high wall, waiting for my instructor to come for my lesson of the day. Being the naturally awkward person I am, I sat there alone, ignoring a few other instructors as they small talked about current issues under the garage roof. They were seated in a rather tiny table & there were sheets of papers in between laughs & stories. Then a middle-aged man in a ragged company shirt passed by. He was pushing a rusty wagon & his sweat drenched the shirt he was wearing. The instructors called out for him, asking him to join the conversation. Judging from his attributes, I figured out he was the caretaker of the place. Turned out he was a foreigner & his name was Babu.

My eyes kept trailing his actions as he spoke some comprehensible Bahasa Melayu & I could see the heat draining his energy through his eyes. It was quite warm but I know he had been working for quite some time. I had no idea why I found it interesting to see him talk about his life, but I felt incredible seeing him smiling & moving his hands all over the place according to his stories as he talked & the rest listened.

Then came a plump lady with a handful of fresh looking rambutans she just picked with her colleague from a tree across the garage. They feasted on the rambutans as I feasted my eyes with their behaviour. I didn't really mind them eating without asking me to join in despite the fact that I was just a few feet away from them. I wasn't a big fan of rambutan anyway. I took out my phone & tried to look occupied with my Instagram timeline.

My phone almost slipped out of my hands as I felt a sudden gesture on my shoulders. Babu came to me & offered me some rambutans. He said "jangan malu-malu mari saya teman awak makan". He handed me a few & sat by my side. I didn't really expect it as I was considered an outsider in the group who happened to be under the same roof as the others. I thanked him & entertained his small talks.

What shocked me was the kindness came from the person I least expected. I wasn't expecting any of them to offer me anyway. Babu told me his family is living far away & that he's working for them. Deep down, he managed to touch some parts of me. As I finished my rambutans, my instructor came & I had to bid goodbye to Babu.

Life has its own way of telling you how wonderful it can be. Sometimes they come directly, & most of the time they come indirectly - through other people. I think I'm over-exaggerating, but I value humanity & that's why this simple generosity kept me awed all the way.
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