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Thursday, 20 August 2015

Temporarily depressed, always happy

dedicating this post to one of my best buds

Hi, birthday boy, if you're reading this, it's for you. You might think I've forgotten about this special day, turns out I remember it by heart.

I know we've grown distant since the beginning of the year, with all those times I wasn't there when you needed someone, & all those times I took your presence for granted because I was too selfish. I was too busy chasing for someone else when you were running out of breath trying to catch up with me. I felt guilty but I didn't even bother to apologise for everything I did because I assumed you already hated me. For all those times I didn't even bother to try; I'm sorry.

I was never a good friend. I would always fall asleep halfway through your stories at night, never really listened when you told me about your hopes & desires, & never entertained your childish self. Now that we don't have the chance to see each other, I have to say I miss those times when we would sneak into your crush's class in an attempt to make her fall for you (who is now your lovely girlfriend) & that time when we went back to sleep during Tarawih because I was too sick & threw up at the back of the surau, our Langkawi adventure, Language Week, all those times we would go to Izzat's place & make a mess of his head having to entertain our company, & also the occasional pranks we crack up for each other. Sometimes I miss school because of those carefree times.

You were a fairly good friend. The only times you were not so good, were the times you asked me to skip surau activities or disturbed my sleeps & calls. You're such a douche. However annoying you might be, you can still be motivating at times. You're cheerful all the time & sometimes I envy your ability to hide the burden of responsibilities you carry on your shoulders. 

I feel like I have so many things to tell you, but most importantly, I want you to be happy. You have so many amazing people around you. You're 18 now & I'm sure I don't need to constantly be there to tell you about things. I will however support you in everything you do. Maybe when the time is right, we'll get to see each other again sometime soon, but for the time being, we'll carry on with our lives, yeah? Be strong, just like you always did back then. Cut back on the tears, do not waste your time crying over silly things. I know you'll pull through anything. I have faith in you.

Happy 18th birthday, Azwar Fahmi Ahmad Basri.

we never had a proper picture so i hope this would do
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