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Monday, 3 August 2015

Work of art that never gets noticed

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone repeatedly & publicly points out my insecurities, as if I'm not already aware of them. I know I may not be a perfect human being & that I am undeniably flawed in every inch, but it's not right for you to shove it in my face. It makes me less confident about myself, shattering every bit of faith that I've built up for so long. I don't like it, & occasionally dismissing them every time someone brings it up won't help me either. Do me a favour & just keep it to yourself. I am perfectly aware of my flaws & I am working on to improve them. At least, support me by not shoving them to my face. It's not easy living with social anxiety & constantly questioning your self-worth. Don't make it any more complicated.

If you only know me through my tweets, you have no right to judge me. If you don't know how I actually am when I hang out with my friends, you have no right to judge me. If you don't know that I am easily pissed off & annoyed, you have no right to judge me. If you don't know the fact that I can be super jovial or super moody at times, you have no right to judge me. If you don't know that I can never engage in a conversation before 8 am, you have no right to judge me. I can be a very cold person, & if you don't know it, YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ME.

I've had enough of people walking over me as if I don't have emotions. I'm tired of being nice when all I get in return is them bullshitting around me. I've come to the point that I don't care if people don't like what I do, it's their problem. I won't change how I do things for their sake. I do things for my own good, & for my own good only. By luck, maybe a third party will benefit from it. I don't care if I lose "friends" for doing things the way I want to do it - they can always get new friends. I have nothing to lose.

It's exhausting when you try so hard for the sake of someone you care, but they're not doing anything for themselves. It's like you try so hard to get them out of the misery they're in, but instead they're just sitting around, waiting for a miracle to come & lift the misery away without actually doing anything for themselves, despite you constantly pointing things out to them. It's a great disgrace & disservice to themselves. After all, how do you expect people to help you if you don't even want to help yourself?

You can't expect people to always be there for you 24/7, telling you the do's & don't's in every situation. Life doesn't come with an instruction manual or guide. You either make it, or break it. Once you break, you learn for the better. That's how you actually do it, you ignorant piece of shit.

I'm living with immature twats & I'm fine with them. The thing about them is they will always find a way to mess up my life but sadly they're too low for me to even be on par with them. You know, there's always a door out of my life. I'm more than glad & ready to throw you a GTFO party while you're on your way out. You're most welcome. :-)
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