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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

having someone who secretly cares for you, is truly a blessing

Today's my best bud's birthday & I didn't want to wish him personally so I'll just post this up in hopes he won't ever encounter this embarrassing post.

Hazran, you've been such a pain in the ass for as long as I remember. The first moment when I knew you existed back in 2013, I didn't really expect that we would be as close as we are now. To receive random shitty texts from you right from the the day we exchanged numbers, up until now, I still treasure & keep most of them. Your bites hurt, to be honest, especially with the braces & I'm more than glad that you don't bite me now as often as you once did. I hate you for the emotional outbreaks & tantrums you often throw at me. Please also be informed that I won't entertain to your immature sulking every now & then.

Having you around brings so many distinct colours into my life, not forgetting the days when we used to fight & went silent for months just because of stupid things. I regret not spending my 2014 with you because of that stupid thing, spending the whole year thinking you were outrageously mad at me & having to constantly avoid your glares at the corridors. We were so childish, but you were always more childish than I am. I was kinda surprised because you were the one who started talking to me.

You've helped me through a lot. You were always there at nights when I couldn't sleep & wanted to talk to someone. I could just go to your place & we would just casually talk until you'd feel sleepy. I could even text you and we'd talk & make me feel slightly better. You motivate me in ways I can't possibly explain. I love being around you, though you can be so bitchy.

Thank you for accompanying me to concerts, for driving me around here & there, for your most random "jom lepak" "take care" "dah sampai ke belum" texts, for the sleepovers, for our studying sessions & the list goes on and on. No amount of material can illustrate how much this friendship means to me.

You are one of the main reasons I'm still taking A levels in Taylor's. I'm going to miss you a lot when I'm done here. Happy 18th birthday, Hazran bin Hazmal.

ps; you used to tell me to keep blogging no matter what, & I'm still doing it

pps; you once told me we will always be best buds no matter what, & I hold on to it
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