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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Pulau Redang, 2015

Hey friends! I figured out this blog has turned into a somewhat depressing arena in which I only post things when I feel bad, instead of when I feel at best. Since today seemed to be a good day, I guess I'll post about my recent trip to Pulau Redang! This is my first time writing about my trips so bear with me.

My friends and I planned for this trip a few months earlier as we spontaneously decided over lunch that we needed to have a short getaway after our AS trials. Initially we considered to go to Pulau Perhentian but because of some casualties brought up during our surveys, we opted to go to Pulau Redang instead, & we didn't regret a single thing. We bought our plane tickets from SZB - TGG as early as July since flight tickets were cheap then. It was even cheaper for us to fly rather than other transport modes! We then surveyed a few accommodation websites to look for cheap resorts on the island. We found out that most of the resorts were already fully booked because coincidentally, it was the peak time to visit Redang at this time of the year so most of the rooms were booked as early as last year. It was fine with us as the there were still rooms available at, &, & it was well within our budget too. A few choices were available & we finally decided to stay at Redang Paradise Resort. The room was quite decent & suited its value for money. We didn't really look for comfort or luxury as who would go to Pulau Redang & spend most of the time inside the room, right? I would say it was worth the price & the service during our 3D2N stay was satisfying. On the plus side, the restaurant served fresh seafood & it was soooooooooo good!!! (3 exclamation marks here because it's necessary)

favorite place to chill on the entire island
So then we began to plan our way in Terengganu. The process of planning itself went smooth & Alhamdulillah everything was well as planned. I couldn't be more happier. There were 2 jetties available to go to Pulau Redang, one in Kuala Terengganu (Syahbandar Jetty) & one in Merang. Merang was a bit further from Kuala Terengganu airport but it was nearer to Redang compared to Syahbandar Jetty, however the price of ferries from both of the jetties were the same, which was RM55 one way, and the time to get to Redang was not much of a difference as well (45 mins from Merang, 55 minutes from KT). I guess it's better to go to the island from KT as it's less time and money consuming. Plus, the ferry from KT was much more comfortable.

We didn't really know about this. We only knew the fact that it was nearer from Merang & since we arrived at KT airport at night & wanted to catch the earliest ferry available to Pulau Redang the next morning, we decided to stay in Merang on our first night in Terengganu. The chalet in Merang was so bad which didn't even worth the RM90 per night. Cellphone line wasn't even available & I was grateful we only stayed for not more than 10 hours. The next morning, we managed to catch the earliest ferry to the island which was around 9:30 a.m. after we had nasi dagang for breakfast.

The ride to the island was indeed beautiful. I enjoyed the picturesque view along the way & marveled at how captivating it was. The sea was greenish & extraordinarily clear, & there were numerous small islands along the way. Subhanallah is all I can say. I squealed vigorously as we arrived on the island. The sand was white, the beach was clean & every angle of the island was Tumblr worthy. The beach extended into very charming capes on both sides, & resorts were stretched all the way along the beach. I was immediately fascinated & that was exactly what I needed as a therapy to get away from all the mess back at home. Stars were clearly visible at night & the beach was not really crowded with drunk people shouting & fooling around here and there like when I was in Pulau Langkawi. At night, I stayed outside on the sand & gazed at the stars, wishing time could stop & that I could stay on the island forever without worrying about realistic things waiting for me in KL. Everything about the island was wondrous, enchanting & charming.

On the first day, we arrived around 11 o'clock & settled inside the room before going out to scout around for scuba packages which was available anywhere on the island. Dive centres were each separated by a few steps & there were a lot of packages to choose from. We wanted to try Discovery Scuba Diving on the next day, which ranged from RM150-RM220, varying from centre to centre. I had always wanted to go scuba diving & was more than glad that we were able to try it. Fun fact: SCUBA stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

You can actually pre-book your scuba packages through individual resorts by contacting them directly, but we preferred to just walk in. After we had reserved for scuba diving the next day which was offered by Redang Pelangi Resort, we decided to go for a swim on the shores of the island. The clear water was refreshing especially on a scorching day, & fish were roaming around the reefs on the shore. Swimming with plenty fish around us was stunning. We got tired despite the joy & went back to our room, got some well-deserved rest & woke up just in time to catch the sunset. It was a bit disappointing as the beach headed to the East so we couldn't really see the sunset which was blocked by mountains. Nevertheless, the beach during dusk was amazing. That night, we had dinner at the resort's restaurant & headed for the beach to lay on the sand & watch the stars glimmer.

The next day, we woke up early to catch the sunrise & the experience was wonderful. Then we got ready for scuba diving. The instructor taught us basic things about scuba diving & we were then brought to a swimming pool for demonstration & also safety precautions to prepare us before the actual diving in the sea. It was quite hard to get myself comfortable with the breathing regulator as I'm naturally a panicky person, but as soon as I got the grip, it went smooth. Then it was time for us to go to the sea! I was super excited but the tank was damn heavy for a small person like me. As soon as we got into the water, buoyancy helped made the tank lighter. It was then that I got super duper ecstatic knowing that I would get to experience scuba diving, which had long been in my bucket list waiting to be ticked off.

The experience underwater was inexplicable. I could not even put it into words as it was so remarkable. There were so many cute fish!!!!! I wanted to squeal underwater but the regulator blocked my mouth so I couldn't say anything. At one point underwater, I wanted to laugh at my friends because they look super weird with the goggle & everything but too bad I couldn't. All in all, it was a wonderful experience which I wouldn't mind going for it again.

((At this point of my writing, I realise how long this post has been so I'm making everything short now))

Last day on the island was dreadful :( I didn't want to leave!!!!! My friends went for a last swim after we saw the sunrise while I strolled along the beach, awed myself for the very last time before we packed our bags & left the island to KT :( :( :( :( We spent another night in KT in a super comfy & cheap hotel, went to Pasar Payang & a few other historical places nearby Syahbandar Jetty, & left KT for KLIA2 the first thing the next morning. I miss Pulau Redang already.

All in all, the trip was satisfying & I was glad that it was made possible with my best friends. Looking forward for more endeavours in the future, insyaAllah.

a few seconds before every fin hit me on the head
dinz day 1
dinz day 2
nak gelak senanya srs

There was this beautiful thingy which was on the beach the entire night & it was so starry & enchanting & fancy I wish I could just sleep underneath it. So beautiful!!
istana maziah
gate of istana maziah

thanks fwenz :)
ps; GoPro Hero4 courtesy of Syazwan Shahrul

pps; i took all of the pictures except the ones during our scuba diving session so they're rightfully mine

ppps; i linked all of the hotels to their respective sites. you're most welcome :)
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