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Sunday, 27 September 2015

I just felt the need to rant tonight. I've been working on a post but I can't publish it for the time being due to some internal issues on my side. I'm still finding the right time to publish it....soon.

Friendship, to me, has always been about remembrance. It's the people you would want to share your happy days with, & it's also the people who you can vent to about your darkest days. It's the people who you make plans with way earlier though their break & yours may not coincide. It's the people you want so bad to be there when you're stressed as an assurance that there are bright sides in your life, that there is something worth looking forward to once the stressful days are over, & ultimately, they are the people who you want to be there, through your ups & downs.

I genuinely love my friends with all my heart. I treasure them more than I treasure my life simply because they make up a big part of me. I may appear to be friendly, but I prefer to keep a small circle. I may have so many acquaintances, but only a handful of them fully qualify to be one level higher - friends. These are the people who I know I can really be myself without being judged, ever.

I am generally a person who clings myself to people I'm comfortable with. Don't be surprised if I suddenly take your arm & rest my head on your shoulders, all the while making stupid faces, not wanting you to leave me on any occasion. Ye, memang manja sangat.

I just don't like it when people are annoyed at me but they keep it to themselves because they "don't want to ruin the friendship". That's downright bullshit. However it's slightly better if they had just kept it to themselves & not talk about it to other people, rather than going around telling people (some who don't even know me well) what I did & making me look stupid. That's unfair. You have your own share of faults too, & I'm not the one who's entirely up for blame. Instead of going around spreading bullshit about me & not solving anything, tell them directly to myself & I'll change for the better.

I'm just tired of having to explain myself to people about rumours when it's not even true in the first place. I hope you understand. I'm trying my best here to be a good friend.
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