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Friday, 23 October 2015


1) It really bugs me how some people can be so heartless. They can be so rude or mean without feeling guilty about it. Some people can be so arrogant without the common courtesy of having manners whenever they interact with people. They think they're better than everyone else, & practically look down on everyone around. These people need some Humble pizza to be shoved into their mouths. After all, there's nothing to lose when you have some humility inside. It keeps you rooted to your grounds despite the pride that comes along. Humility, my friend, goes a long way.

2) The world would be a much better place if each & every one of its citizens were to be understanding. Once you've known what it's like being other people who grows up in a completely different environment, maybe then you'll be more concerned of your actions. We need to learn how to handle different people & that requires a lot of patience. I come across diverse personas daily & dealing with them is not always a piece of cake. Sometimes you have to stand firm by yourself even when you can't stand them anymore. Not letting anyone get in your head is an essential key. You have to understand where that person is coming from too so you could emphatise, but don't ever be soft on them. Be heartless to people who really deserve it or you'll hurt yourself in the end. You have to be able to pull out the I-don't-give-a-shit card too once in a while.

3) Once you're appointed leader, you have a great responsibility in every upcoming decision your group is going to make. Listen to what your team members have to offer, but in the end, as a leader, you have the final say. Don't be afraid on being labelled bossy. Don't be afraid to make mistakes too, but don't ever repeat the same mistake or you'll look like a fool.

4) People tend to forget that life is a constant test. More often than not, we always forget to be grateful when we are in a state of peace. Some people are more privileged than others. But then again, it all comes down to how we define "privilege", or rather tested. to understand the extent of privilege itself. We forget that our main purpose here in dunya, is not solely for dunya.

5) Each one of us have our own struggles. You might be struggling with getting good grades & impressing your parents. Somebody else might be struggling to pay the bills or else they won't have shelter. Some people in Eastern Asia might be struggling to find food to fill their empty stomachs. I may struggle with people's expectations. We never know, & don't simply degrade a person's effort. You have no idea how much they've struggled to even be where they are at now.
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