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Sunday, 22 November 2015

Hey guys, I'm really sorry for the 1 month hiatus, but forgive me for not having a medium to type on. As some of you may or may not know, I recently lost my laptop & iPad in a horrible tragedy. I was home alone at the time, & a few of my friends came over to bring me out for dinner. I brought along my laptop & iPad in a bag because I wanted to go to home my other place in Subang. We were having quite a good time catching up, didn't even think there would be an abrupt turn of events. Well, I did take precautions beforehand, but what already happened, happened. I guess rezeki wasn't on my side.

I felt so bad not only for myself, but for Ammar's car & also for my parents. I told my mum the morning after & the look on her face made me lock myself in my room the whole week. That week was one of those weeks when I feel like I'm no good of a son. I didn't dare look at my parents' faces or to start a conversation with them. I was feeling so bad that I finished 2 seasons of How I Met Your Mother & 1 season of America's Next Top Model, & hardly got any sleep.

In that week too, I reinforced & dropped off a few friendships. A friend called me at 1 am as soon as he saw the tweet. There was a friend who was willing to drive all the way from Shah Alam to IPD Cheras at 2 in the morning just to make sure all of us were okay. There was a friend who was already asleep but answered the house phone at 3 & talked for 30 minutes though he was sleepy as hell. There were friends who heard my rants over nescafe ais at a mamak place at 4. There was the friend who sent me all the way back to my house in Ampang & had to put up with me singing to songs on the radio at 5 am. There was also a friend who annoyed the hell out of my restless self at 6 after subuh prayers. Thanks, I owe you guys a lot.

Honestly, I don't really mind about losing the laptop or iPad. I eventually accepted it as it is, but the thought of losing all of the pictures & videos in the laptop is unbearable. I lost 2 whole years of photos from my iPod Touch & 1 year from my iPhone. Gone were all the footage of the few meaningful concerts I had been to (Taylor Swift's Red tour, Ed Sheeran's X tour, The Script's No Sound Without Silence tour), pictures of my trips to Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Australia, Singapore & Thailand, pictures of my upper form times in both MRSM Baling & MRSM Taiping, & so many other random screenshots of conversations & meaningful memories that I really treasure. I wish I was a bit more careful. I wish I could turn back time. Hell, I couldn't.

So here's a few reminders to all of you;

(1) SAVE ALL YOUR PHOTOS IN A CLOUD. I will definitely buy more space in Dropbox to store all of pictures after this, so at least if I lose my laptop I can still have an access to my photos from another device. Google Drive & iCloud are good alternatives too.

(2) INSTALL A TRACKING APP IN YOUR LAPTOP. I read online about retrieving stolen laptops but most of the tips require a pre-installed tracking app like Prey or LoJack. There are many more - you can look for them online.

(3) DON'T EVER LEAVE YOUR VALUABLES IN THE CAR. Just don't. Never. Ever. You'll regret it for the rest of your life. The weight of the bag is far lighter than the weight of remorse on your back your whole life.

(4) KEEP ALL THE RECEIPTS & KNOW THE SERIAL NUMBER OF YOUR DEVICES. In case the police found them, it's easier for them to give them back to you, ONLY IF you provide them with the serial number.

(5) DON'T PARK AT A PLACE WHERE IT'S DARK & TOO FAR FROM YOU. The place we parked at was quite swarmed with cars & people & it's really puzzling how the thief managed to get away with it. They also broke the window of the car behind us. But just don't go to downtown Cheras at all. There's nothing interesting there.

I guess that's all I can say for now. Expect more hiatuses from me until I get myself a new laptop, which is................I honestly don't know when. I don't like typing on the iPod or iPhone because of the mini screen. Seems hopeless to retrieve the laptop & iPad, but I'm still hoping.

ps; i only managed to save your pictures out of all because for some reasons, i kept them all in Dropbox
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