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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Phuket, 2015

sunset view in Rawai

Hey there! I just got back from the *most* amazing trip to Phuket with my family. I've never felt so adventurous before! It's like I'm living the dream of opening my eyes everyday to something exciting. Initially when my mum told me we were spending a whole week in Phuket, the first thing I asked her was "what in the world would we do for a whole week there?". Turns out my parents had them all figured out. As surreal as it was to me, the week had came to an end. What a bummer. I wish I could stay in Phuket forever.

We left KLIA2 on the evening of 13th (Sunday) & arrived at Phuket International Airport around 9 pm local time. The time difference is 1 hour later from KL so we didn't have any jet lag issues except that earlier we had to wait for our delayed departure & the 1 hour 15 minutes flight which made us so exhausted that everyone slept all the way to the hotel which took another hour of journey.

Monday was basically the day that we took a stroll down the beach, looking around for activities to do for the next 5 days. My parents are so spontaneous, like they are not the type who travel on packaged tours so they would ask around at the tour services centre & then plan on the spot. That night, we didn't do much after dinner so I decided to go for a walk which I regretted a few hours later because (1) I shopped on things I didn't even use during the trip or would ever use, (2) not one of my friends answered my FaceTime calls while I was on the beach, (3) it started raining so heavily that I had to (4) find shelter at a Muslim cemetery (5) in the dark (6) alone. Luckily I bought a Thai sim card so I had cellular data to keep me occupied. I was stuck at the cemetery for an hour & since the rain didn't show any signs of slowing down, I decided to just walk in the rain. I managed to reach the hotel, all drenched & full of regrets.

wanted to hug it but i cant :(
The next day was splendid! My dad rented a pickup truck & the boys sat at the back of it. I've never felt so thrilled! We first went to Tiger Kingdom, a place where you can actually have an opportunity to get up close with tigers of different sizes & ages in an enclosure! Of course I went for the biggest size while my siblings were only allowed to go for the baby tigers since they're under 18. The tigers were so calm & tame, it was unbelievable. It was no different than patting a cat but we still needed to be careful though. I wanted to take more daring photos with the tigers but the trainers didn't allow me to be more daring. *shucks* But the tigers were cuuuuuuute for a cat-lover like me.

loving this silhouette photo I took
of my twin sisters
Our next stop was Phuket Paradise (literally) where my siblings & I went for ATV rides! I've always wanted to feel how it's like to drive an ATV!!! It was not that easy at first, with all the bumpy soils & puddles of mud, but once I've gotten the hang of it, I'm unstoppable. The ATV guide brought us up a hill to the Big Buddha with a few stops along the way. The view from above is breathtaking. We got back down & headed to Rawai, a famous place to watch sunsets. I lost the words to describe how beautiful the sunset was. To spend that particular time with the people I love the most, that's even more meaningful. What a way to end a magnificent day. After that, we went straight back to Patong to have dinner at a famous stall among Malaysians but it was packed so we went to a Lebanese restaurant instead.

das meeeee
My mum had asked me a few months earlier if I wanted to bungee jump, & she was amazed that I was the only one in the family who actually said yes to it. I thought she was only kidding but then we went to a bungee site on Wednesday morning. I've always wanted to bungee jump, or anything that relates to "taking a leap of faith" since I watched Jacksgap's video of their adventures in Dubai. I'm the kind of person who likes being challenged hypothetically, & to push myself into doing things like this are both physically & mentally challenging for a person who's afraid of heights like me, but I'm up for it. It was undoubtedly nerve-wrecking as we ascended 50m above the ground, I didn't even dare to look down. I just let myself fell & at that moment, adrenaline flew through my veins like crazy. I felt like I was dropping to my death when suddenly I was pulled up and then began the bouncing. It felt so surreal that I actually did it!!!! Here's to more adventures like this in the future!!! My brothers then decided to do it too at the last minute after watching their older brother majestically survived the jump hehe. We then went to Phuket Premium Outlet for some shopping & I swear to God the stuff sold there are cheap!! Luckily I had to rely only on my mum's money or else I would've drained my bank account. We got back to our hotel, had lunch & we went to watch the sunset at Patong beach.

so swarmed omg
Thursday was the worst day of the trip. My parents had already booked us a snorkelling trip to Phi Phi Island & we had to get up very early in the morning as the journey from the hotel to the port took almost an hour. We got on a big low-budget cruise boat & was kinda excited at first. However, the trip was badly managed as there were too many people on the boat & we didn't even get the chance to go down to the beaches as we only stayed on the boat the entire time. The snorkelling session was hell in water for me. There were always some random people nudging or kicking me every few minutes. I gave up after 15 minutes of not getting anywhere or actually seeing anything underwater. The only best part of the trip was the buffet lunch, mainly because I was so exhausted from getting pissed off, & the view while we were on the journey was spectacular.

das meeeee toooooo
The last full day in Phuket was a chill day for us. After Friday prayers, the girls went to the beach while the boys stayed in the rooms lazing around. I went out to the beach after Asar, hoping that it would cool down a little. The whole family eventually went to the beach around 5 & just played in the waters. There was a site for water sports activities right beside the place where we put all our stuff on the beach, & then there was a Chinese/Korean woman who went parasailing. I immediately asked my mum for it & she allowed!! So I waited for my turn & it was wonderful!!!! The sun was setting & it was a really beautiful sight from above. What a way to end an amazing trip.

The next day, we packed our stuff, bought some souvenirs & left for the airport. This is by far, the most incredible trip I've ever been to. I would surely cherish this memory forever. Until my next adventure, ciao!

too bad the sun was blocked by some clouds :(
I find this photo of my mum & sisters
is cute ahahah there's another one
with my dad but I'm keeping it
most beautiful view ever
some of the many islands in Phi Phi

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