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Friday, 4 December 2015

Social media has always been a big part of me. I can barely go through a day without knowing what topics are interchanged daily from a person to another. Having a platform where people actually get together to discuss ideas & opinions is really convenient. There are myriad thoughts online which is inexplicably marvelling. However beneficial social media might be, I have come to conclude that it's not really an effective medium to get our idea across the board.

I would always have this constant pre-tweet fear of being judged for my opinions. I wasn't particularly scared to voice out before as I am now. Not sure if the ease of screenshots or the escalating amount of bashing is to be blamed. It has become increasingly uncomfortable to talk about my own perspectives on certain matters, as some people may misinterpret them or assume it's petty. People don't even bother to think before they speak sometimes, & it annoys me at how shallow a person might be. Apart from that, their ignorance to learn also completes their pretentious selves.

Instagram, on the other hand, reinforces the social idea of beauty. Trends like the #dontjudgechallenge or #whatpubertydidtome really tick me off. I can't help but cringing every time some ignorant person fakes a "flaw" (crooked teeth, freckles, dark skin etc) & then magically transforms into a beauty - a socially constructed idea of beauty - without the "flaws". I can't brain how people have the nerves to offend others who actually go through mockeries on a daily basis because of the "flaw" they naturally have just for the sake of showing how good they really look like "flawless". How would you expect these "flawed" people to love themselves if these kind of trends are circulating around?

I once posted a really captivating photo on Instagram but people only point out my flaws, which doesn't really bother me as much because I've learnt to accept it as a part of me. What about the rest? Some people would also overly edit their photos just to cover up their "flaws".

I had kind of given up on Instagram, which sets unrealistic standards on the way some people live their lives. I would only scroll through the timeline once every few days just to keep updated on my friends. Oh, I may not approve some of you guys who requested for a follow. I have a reason for that & I believe I don't need to explain why I keep the requests lingering around. I don't follow back a bunch of you simply because I don't want to know what's going on in your life. No big deal there.
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