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Thursday, 7 January 2016

I am the epitome of disappointment. If you looked up for the word "disappointment" in the dictionary, you'll find my goddamned face carved right next to it. I failed practically everyone around me. Maybe that's why I've put up walls too high around me that sometimes I feel so lonely but I wouldn't want to ever go through prolonged periods of depression ever again. I do feel lonely, as I've been going back & forth for a whole year now. I'd be lying if said there was never a time I felt worthless, that I don't even deserve this life. When people leave, I'd put the blame entirely on me; for constantly being annoying in proximity, for always being overly-attached, for always craving the attention I know I shouldn't crave as much. When it hits, that's when I'll go down. I shouldn't have let my guards down, ever.

But for you, I did. I hope you won't give up on this mess I've made. I hope you won't simply cut me off.
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