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Sunday, 17 January 2016

If I change, it's for myself.

For me, being 19 has always been underrated. Come to think of it, it's somewhat absurd how the number 18 had always been so significant, as it was always planted in our heads that 18 is the year of self-liberalisation. Then, how 20 is also yet another compelling point as it's the year of not-being-a-teenager anymore AKA adulthood. The year 19, which is the brief transition between teenager & adulthood, has never really been more momentous in a person's life. That being said, I am determined to make this year yet another milestone in my life.

I would really want to achieve more than what I had before. So that soon, you know, whenever I look back on my 19-year-old self, I would be able to carve a smile of satisfaction on my face. There are so many events that I look forward to this year. I hope to be more adventurous & spontaneous, instead of having it all planned out like it had always been for me. I wish to see more times in the future that I get to experience triumphs, despite having to go through some daunting times. In the end, I won't remember those times I fell, I would only reflect back on those times I felt elated beyond anything else.

I actually did something amazing today. I went to Ikea with my family yesterday & got myself some shelves & racks for my room. I had always wanted to have some more furniture in my room. I'm always organised, so I really hate seeing my stuff all over the place in the room. My "room-job" is done now, & I'm really proud of myself. I finally feel "roomy" in my room.

When I was going through my stuff, simultaneously deciding which were staying & which were trashed, something hit me. I came across so many things that used to be valuable to me, but were going to be thrown away simply because they don't mean that much to me anymore & I had to make space for new stuff. That realisation made me ponder, how easy for something that you used to refuse to part with, which had eventually ended up in the trashcan. I guess time really does replace things.

To be content, is most probably the only thing I would want to accomplish more than the rest. Why would I want to trade happy times for sorrow? I won't ever let myself down, or cry myself to sleep anymore. As I've said before, I would only choose to be happy. There are so many ways to live this one life, & I certainly am not going to live it with misery.

Whatever it is, here's to another year of being quirky, lame me. Here's to another year of being stressed out. Here's to another year of meeting new people & seeing new places. Here's to another year full of laughters & excitements. Here's to another year of self-appreciation. Here's to another year of gratitude. Here's to another year of love.

ps; I would really appreciate it if you would call, or at least text me. I miss you.
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