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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Do we realise when did we exactly grow up? That's the thing, we never do. We only realise things are changing when it's too late, when there's nothing we can do about it anymore, or when we least enjoy the things we currently have.

Have you ever rewatched your favourite TV shows back when you were a child? Do you notice anything different? Sure, the casts & storylines are the same, & that you most probably already had the script memorised word for word. Somehow, the jokes you used to laugh hysterically at don't seem so funny anymore, the references seem irrelevant & the punchlines became obsolete. You start to understand better now, how the writers are actually addressing a more compelling issue, rather than the mere metaphor that you didn't really get back then. Ironically, you start to question why did you ever spend hours watching the show, which you now realise how racist/sexist it is. You know what they say, some things are better left in the past.

The moment when you force yourself to relive the past, it may well end up in 2 consequences. You may end up loving it even more, or you may end up hating the past. As you progress, you educate yourself with bolder issues that are sometimes not addressed well a few years back. As you become more educated & aware, you may despise your past self for disregarding those issues that matter now in this postmodern world. If you are lucky, you may end up reliving the moments that make you appreciate the choices you made, i.e. the things you once dedicated your whole life to.

I rewatch my favourite childhood movies for a few reasons. I get to find out how much I matured through time. How I notice new things that I didn't notice before, or how I understand a few scenes better which my 10 year old self didn't get. Sometimes the whole plot I had in mind abruptly changed just because the naive little me left out some important details. Most of the time, I rewatch them just to feel 10 again.

I admit, I had posted some offensive things in this blog. If you had been following me since my line by line, centered-alignment paragraphs, you would know what I'm talking about. How incredibly naive I was. That's the thing about blogs. I get to see how much I've grown since my first few posts. I suppose I've outgrown the 12 year old child in me who didn't exactly think he would get this far.

We are constantly educating ourselves, & we need to also bear in mind that not everyone has the privilege of being exposed to the things that we are exposed to. Just take one moment before you judge people for what they say or how they act, & educate them too with what we know.

ps; this whole post is a mess. I think I'm losing my edge
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