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Sunday, 24 April 2016

I feel like my life has been a series of impulsive events lately. I would wake up in the morning & get a sudden urge of being adventurous. I'd then holler up a friend for company & they would casually go for it. Carpe diem, they said.

I've been too busy fulfilling myself to be half loved. Now that I have the means, I'm more adventurous than ever. I still know my limits, though. I mean, sure, I go out & usually get home quite late at night, but I'm still the same good boy I was before I left the house. I don't do things that are usually deemed inappropriate. I go out just to merely chill with my friends & would come home eventually.

It's always been in me to get out & explore new things. The satisfaction of being able to do the things that I usually watch other people do in YouTube videos is worth it. But I guess it has come to a point where it gets addictive, like I can't go at least a month without looking for something new to try. The thought of being adventurous somehow consumed me & shifted my entire focus. I can't set my priorities straight because all I can think of is what should I do next? I need a break from the chill life & start focusing on the remnants of my studies. I got carried away & it showed in my trials results recently.

Come on, Qadri. You only need to focus for 20 more days & then you can do whatever you want after A levels. You have at least 3 months without anything to do, so after A2, okay?
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