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Sunday, 3 April 2016

I'm going to tell you a little bit about silence. There's the comforting kind, & also the torturing kind. Silence could be deafening, it could be loud, it could be calming.

You're at dinner with your family. You really don't have anything to say so you just sit there looking around the table. Though nobody is really talking to you, you don't feel awkward at all as you know you're surrounded by the people you truly treasure.

You're watching a movie with your best friend. Some time in the middle of the movie, you notice he doesn't budge as much anymore. You glimpse over at him to make sure he's not asleep. He catches your eye just in time & you suddenly got all defensive. You go, "Just making sure you're watching the movie & not the other way around." He mumbles stuff & you pick up the movie right where you left off.

You're driving in your car with your best friend. It's been a lovely day spent with him & it's time for you to send him home. He can't stand the cold so he turns down the A/C. There's no good songs on the radio as it's past the DJ's bedtime, which is why the radio is turned off too. You don't really talk that much because you're both tired & want to head home. It doesn't matter that way, as you look forward to the next time you see each other again.

You got into a fight with your best friend. You know it's your fault & you try to make it up to him as hard as you can. In turn, he snaps at you. You feel humiliated, but not as much as you feel guilty. You give him time to forgive you, thinking it's only going to be minor. Turns out it became something major & you don't talk anymore after that.

You just finished watching a TV show episode. It's way past everybody's bedtime & you don't feel like continuing anymore. You pick up your phone, take a routine check on some apps before you're off to bed. Impulsively, you click on that same username first. It's been the same person you check on, day in day out. You go through the comments on their posts, stalking some other people they reply to. You take a deep sigh & you finally call it a day.

You're making up space for storage on your phone. You get to some old screenshot of the conversation you had with someone you barely even talk to anymore. You read the whole passage you once sent, then on to the next photo of their reply. You take another deep breath, & scroll past through - never really have the guts to delete them.
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