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Saturday, 7 May 2016

The first time I noticed your existence back in 2010, honestly, never had it crossed my mind that we would be this close now. There you were, the girl at the back of the class, who seemingly looked like she couldn't care less about the world. I forgot how we got to talking, but I've always thought we would just stay classmates, nothing more. I used to watch you post very bold pictures on Facebook, liking every one of them, never imagining we would turn out to be best friends five years later.

Amelia, you are one badass girl. That's what I admire most about you. I bet if you were stranded alone at an island, you would survive - but only after crying your eyes out & finally realising that crying won't do you anything, you would figure out a way. Sure, you can be annoying as hell but I can't go a month without hearing your addictive laughter. You're beautiful the way you are, don't ever tell yourself otherwise. You care about the people around you more than anything, & I think that's why everyone who's close to you can't get away from you. You're very kind & lovely. You're also one of the people who I'm really comfortable about telling stuff I don't usually talk about with anyone else, & I hope you trust me as much as I trust you too.

We shared so many good memories together, & I want you to know that I'm thankful for each one of them. We never really had a good picture - just the 2 of us - because apparently, whenever I'm around you, all I ever care about is to cherish every moment possible. I look forward to each one of our meet ups, because as much as I hate to admit, I kinda miss your painful slaps on my shoulders sometimes.

You inspire me to do better everyday. I'm not sure how you did it, but you just do. Keep doing you & I'm sure as hell you will turn out super duper great someday. I love you so much, & happy 19th birthday Amelia Kamilia Amirrudin. Hope you like the advanced present & I'm looking forward to our next next next adventures together!
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