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Thursday, 23 June 2016

I never want to watch horror movies because they haunt me for days. Call me a scaredy cat, I don't even care. Sometimes I put on a brave face at the start of the movie & tell myself things like it's nothing, it's only on the screen, it's not like the spirits are real or something. Even barely making it through halfway of the movie, you'll find my eyes as squinted as they can get, legs to my face in an attempt to take cover from filthy demons. It's not that it's that scary, I just hate the adrenaline rush in moments leading up to the big reveal of the ghost, oftentimes sudden. Bad things haunt you for days.

The thing is, I find it relatively easier to forget the bad things. You just know it in your heart that those bad memories need to go. As real & vile as it sounds, good things can actually haunt you the same way bad things do. From my experience, good things haunt you forever. When it comes to the point where you want to forget, sometimes you wish you could just forget the good even more than the bad times because you just keep replaying the things that are close to your heart.

It's their perfume that's subtle but still rings a bell every time you smell it on someone else. It's the way they hold your hand, when they brush their thumb on your fingers. The way they budge around when you watch movies together, but stay put as soon as you rest your head on their shoulder. The intricate way they lean on you seeking warmth & comfort. The way they look around when they're in the passenger seat & how you can't really take your eyes off them when they don't notice it.

Well, good things do haunt you forever. And it's really up to you if you want to let the good turns bad or just let them stay good.
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