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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

It's been a while, so hello! I've been a bit busy lately, which started with stress-inducing A2 exams. I've also been traveling which will be a story for next time, & also been working for a while. I have lots of plans now that I'm frictionally unemployed (econs, whaddup) & I can't wait to get started on catching up with the things I've been deprived of since A levels! In all honesty, I still can't believe I survived the horror that is A levels & now that it's finally over - well I still have one last paper on the 10th but consider it done lol - I'm super duper glad!!

So a little update on my life; I think I'm starting to get back in the dating game. It's been a while since I last seen someone, & honestly I miss the feeling. I miss the daily "this reminds me of you", constant cries for FaceTime in the middle of the night, virtual movie dates & the lame pick-up lines which I use over & over. I just miss the tingly feeling inside every time I see someone typing a text, & the ever so exciting feeling to see their name pop up on my screen. I miss looking forward to that smile. Damn, that smile I love most.

I don't mind having someone to talk to everyday, & I also don't mind being alone. I'm just taking things as they come. Not rushing anything that's not meant to be, but at the same time I feel like I don't want to waste time on a thing that feels so right. I genuinely think I've lost my edge but hey, at least I'm not bound to repeat the same mistakes right?

All of a sudden love songs - although they sound sappy - make me really happy. Couples walking past me in the streets don't seem so annoying anymore, because I know I may look silly too at one point to another single's eyes. Woops, before anything, this is not a declaration or anything, if you were wondering.

It just feels good to not feel like I'm unloveable or undesirable to anyone. You know, after being heartbroken for so long, damn it feels so good.
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