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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

It's times like this that makes me miss having someone to talk to, or at least someone who I know will always look forward to my stories at the end of the day. Like when I'm in the kitchen baking some cookies, & I imagine them there with me measuring the ingredients while playfully messing around with me. Or at least when I'm aware that I'm baking on my own that I think of what they'll say when they taste the cookies. Will their face beam up in glee? Will they start going all Gordon Ramsay on me to joke around? Will they say thank you for making some delicate delights for them?

Or when it's 3AM & I couldn't sleep because my mind's just as messed up as my sleep schedule. Will they be around to listen to me talk? If they're asleep, will they wake up the next morning to my rants & quickly respond to them? Or will they just brush me off because I'm always like this - craving for attention when I should've been sleeping.

I have my eyes set on this person, & things are going fine between us. We talk a bit & all but I keep getting mixed signals. God only knows how confusing it is. Maybe because both of us have trust issues - at least I know I still do. I keep telling myself not to get too attached but who I am kidding really? I told myself I'm not really looking for anything more than a mere friendship but I still hope for things to.....haih forget it.

I really don't mind having someone to talk to. I have so much to talk about but nobody around to actually listen to them. I can go on & on about the most random things, like my plans for the future, my interests, anything about life in general that fascinates me. I want to know more about you too. It's nice when people open up to you because that way you know they trust you with their vulnerabilities. I really don't mind, even if I had to lose sleep. As long as I get to talk to you, I don't mind.
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