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Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Does it ever occur to you how much of your parents are you turning into? To be honest, it's pretty creepy if you ask me. I didn't realise this until recently when I was driving that it hit me how impatient of a driver I am, just like my father. You know what they say - don't trust anyone who drives below 50 km/h. JK. Actually I'm not kidding.

I found out I hate going to crowded places too, a trait of my mother. I tend to worry about the small things too much & make a big deal out of it sometimes. I nag a lot too, which I find it weird because I loathed being nagged on. Then it hit me - I'm turning into the things I used to hate as a child.

I mean, as I grow old, my perspectives change. I look at things from a different angle compared to what I saw as a child. It's pretty amusing, though. It drives me crazy to think I still have a long way to go. All the character developments & pivotal experiences I'm yet to discover.

I seek advices on certain things from my parents even when I knew clearly what I'm going to do about it. Sometimes I do it because it's very interesting how they would approach those things from an entirely different direction as opposed to what I have in mind. In the end, I always end up going in their direction anyway.

There's just a lot more to life that I haven't discovered. I hope I would end up as great as my parents did.
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