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Thursday, 18 August 2016

Leading up to results day, I was pretty much a wreck. My hands were shaking every 5 minutes or so, my heart was pounding so hard that I swear if I didn't have a ribcage it would've fallen off my chest & I was hyperventilating that I opted for Friends in an attempt to keep my shit together. After what felt like years, 1pm finally came & it was time. I keyed in my login details & went looking for my dad for company. I pressed Enter & that was it......but the screen went blank. Oh great the website's down, yeah just add up to my anxiety even more. I left my laptop with my dad for a while & went haywire. I paced around the living room so quickly that I thought my feet & heart were competing which could go faster.

I tried logging in once more & the screen didn't go blank, neither did my face. I beamed up instantaneously. "I'm going to Warwick!" was the first thing that came to me. I hugged my dad & called my mum. My mum told me "thank you for realising my dream" & I broke down - typical Qadri. Side story: my mum didn't get to go overseas even though she had the offer because my grandparents didn't allow her just because she's a lady.

Being 19, seeing life in technicolor & full of excitement, I anticipate for now seemingly tangible dreams. It's finally here. There I was with a couple of A*s in my hands, ready to take on the next journey of life. Then it dawned on me - what do I do next? All my life I've been preparing for this moment. What I didn't prepare for was what comes after it. I truly had no idea.

Initially, I did have some rough ideas & plans in my head on what to do when this moment finally arrives. But it didn't seem so big now as it was then. I'm a bit overwhelmed, but definitely more grateful than ever. My fantasies were finally coming to life.

I have more or less a month to get so many things done i.e. student visa, packing, awards day, medical checkup etc. More or less a month too to fully spend the remnants of my time here before I head off. I'm going to miss home so much, especially the people here. I'm not any less eager to fly off too. This time, I guess I'm just going to see where this path will lead me to.
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