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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Time flies by quite quickly, doesn't it? Someone turned from a political joke to arguably one of the most significant figures on this planet overnight. A month ago, I was fully adamant that I'm heading into the "ride of my life". I thought I was a few weeks behind posting anything in this blog, only to realise that it's been a little over halfway through my first term in uni. A lot has been going on, especially in terms of being in an entirely new place & also figuring this whole concept of living on my own.

I've come to terms with going anywhere by myself without heavily depending on anyone else to join me. Being in a boarding school for almost a quarter part of my life, I'm used to having at least a person by my side to go through any given day. Rarely did I find myself having to go anywhere in school without succeeding in finding a companion. Even outside of school, I always had some people who I can just contact without a proper prior planning for a meet up. I can literally text them 10 minutes before I go out of the house & we can easily head nowhere but still have lots of fun. I miss hanging out with these people.

It took me a while to fully recognise it, but basically you're on your own in uni. Sure, you make friends in lectures & seminars but outside those walls, you're really alone. Maybe I'm saying this because I haven't taken the time to actually get to know these people better. Haven't I told you enough how incapable I am at making new friends? It's quite hard for me to open myself up to a completely unknown person. A risk I'm not fully comfortable taking yet.

Or maybe because I've been very disengaged with my surroundings lately. I haven't been paying attention to the opportunities presented on countless silver platters. I'm not kidding, opportunities here are endless. It's just that I've been so busy settling down, figuring out which jacket is the most useful for today's weather, contemplating on my food choices, whether or not I'm living a healthy life etc that I miss out on so many applications & tryouts. I once read a senior's beautiful piece of advice about opportunities & possibilities - the thing about it that we often forget is that it is there.

With all that's said, it's worth to note that it's only been my first month here. I reckon there isn't much that I missed that would have jeopardised the "ride of my life". In other news, my legs are sore from dance practice. I didn't know a Malay traditional dance could amount to sore muscles. Could have skipped leg day at the gym - if I ever set foot into a gym, of course.

I'm also way behind my work, but I still can't figure out the best way to balance between self study & Netflix. A very millennial problem right there. Days are getting shorter & everyone in the world knows night time is destress time. I tried waking up early to maximise my time in the sun but meh, didn't even work. Didn't even bother to try haha.

Also, I miss my family so much. Hope they are all doing ok.
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