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Saturday, 18 March 2017


I really can't contain my excitement anymore. Finally. A hectic term has come to an end. I can now catch up on the 1000 hours of sleep I was deprived of.

Ok but seriously, the past few weeks had been crazy. I had to catch up with a lot of work that I missed the week after my Germany trip and MNight. Surreal how that felt like months ago when it had only been 2 weeks. I had a lot on my hands that I didn't really have a moment to stop or realise that it's nearing spring break. All the tests and deadlines were not too far ahead of each other so I always had something to do to occupy my days. I didn't get to properly feed myself since I didn't have the time to shop for groceries at all. Instant noodles FTW. Glad all of that's over. I cooked myself some fancy peri peri meal as a reward for myself surviving the term.

My days were ridiculously chaotic. I can't work with chaos so I put on my organised hat and tried to create order out of the mess of my days.

I came up with this day board so I could take it one day at a time. Seriously, it helped me a lot. I could plan out my days and use different sticky notes for all the things that I would work on for a particular day. Once I've completed a task, I would take out the sticky note. At the end of the day, it gives me a sense of accomplishment, however small the tasks are. So no matter how stressed I was because of a particular task, I would be reminded of how many sticky notes I managed to take out on that day, and not beat myself too much for not being able to complete that particular task today. I could always shift the note to the next day.

I know I may sound crazy, but doing this kept me sane throughout the insane weeks. I read somewhere that we need to take it one step at a time, so that's exactly what I did. Some people may find this old school but that's me - I'm old school like that. I need to be able to visualise in order to be productive. I need to plan out so that I wouldn't end up whining how I have so much work instead of actually getting them done. The board's already empty, except for those minor stuff I need to do over the weekend but other than that, I'm free of any academic-related work. I deserve the 4 tubs of Häagen-Dazs that's been in the fridge forever because I didn't feel like eating them but somehow I kept buying one every time Tesco gives a discount. Now I have a reason to indulge.

I only have one regret though; amidst all those franticness, I lost a 465 Snapchat streak with my best friend. Both of us were too occupied that we didn't even realise the hourglass warning. It was gone by the time I realised so it was too late. That sucks. :(

Anyway, I'm looking forward to days of not doing anything. Maybe I'll start working out again? I stopped running once winter started but now it's spring and the weather's been so nice lately so I guess I could do that. I guess. I would probably end up sleeping the days off haha.

Also, I almost impulsively bought myself a ticket home. But I didn't because I had other events I need to attend to. Had I not been the compliant self I am, I would just ditch those events because duh, home > everything. I miss home. :(
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