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Friday, 28 April 2017

The thing with **** (I don't know what exactly this is) is there is not a point where you "fully" recover from it. It comes into your life, uninvited, whenever it wants to. You will go through your days like usual except when it hits you feel totally disconnected with your surroundings. It doesn't care whether you're travelling in La Citta Eterna or whether you have deadlines fast approaching, it will show up anytime.

I have been travelling during Easter break. We went to 8 cities in 10 days - basically we made the most out of our short stop in each city. I had so much fun at first and was really looking forward for the last few cities because we were heading to Venice and Rome. Venice packs beauty around every corner. It felt like I was in a movie set except the set is the whole island. Then we headed to Rome.

I have been feeling a bit off since before we left Venice but I just shrugged it off and thought it was because I didn't want to leave Venice yet. Turns out I was wrong. I didn't get to enjoy Rome as much as I wanted to. Don't get me wrong, Rome truly lived up to my expectations but something didn't feel right with me. Maybe because we rushed through the attractions, or because I was feeling annoyed at everyone around me, or because of the unexpected chilly weather, or maybe because I didn't get to try as many Italian dishes as I would have wanted to. Maybe even because I didn't get my daily dose of Italian gelato. But I was feeling a little detached and every little thing pissed me off. I also didn't feel like taking photos because I wasn't completely there to begin with.

I kept thinking to myself, "it's all in my head" to lighten myself up but somehow things didn't get any better. I just wanted the trip to end so I would be back in my bed in uni. It was something I knew I didn't have any authority over, and it sucked. I mean I was in Rome, for crying out loud! Sigh.

So that was how my Europe trip ended - not so good. I will upload some of the photos here soon.

p.s.: I'm being off Instagram for a while. I bet most of what happened to me was because of it.
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