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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

My best friend is leaving for the UK in a few hours and I'm the one in a mess. I just can't bear the thought of being apart from him when I've been seeing him at least once a week throughout these past few months. This would be the longest I'll go without being able to see or annoy him and that shit's devastating me.

Around this time, last year at the airport when I was the one flying off, we didn't get to properly say goodbye. I saw him for like 5 minutes after I've checked in my luggage and then I had to run around, my head was all over the place and I was rushing here and there that the moment I got down to the escalator, only then I realised I didn't bid farewell to him. He was nowhere to be seen as he was also sending off his friends and that made me cry a lot harder. How could I forget to say goodbye to my best friend?! I hated myself for that and this time around, I really hope we would get to properly bid farewell or else I wouldn't be able to forgive myself for letting it happen again.

I've had a really good summer break and a large part of it was because of how much time I spent with him. To be honest I think this was how my break went; 1/3 of me time, 1/3 of Husni time, 1/3 of other non-Husni time. Haha. But honestly I would choose going over to his place at 12am and spending our time on the bed catching up with Suits or Buzzfeed's Worth It series with some Ramly burgers over doing literally anything else. I've been over at his place a lot lately and I bet his mom is now already accustomed (more like annoyed) with my presence. Also his niece loves me more than she loves him and that's another reason I go over there very often. He's probably also very annoyed at how clingy I am to him and not that he never complained about it but then he's also the one whining about how he doesn't like it when I'm not around because he couldn't make plans to go out. So who's the clingy one here? Hehe.

I'm honestly so lucky to have met someone like him in my life. We're both very different individuals with different sets of friends and interests. If I were to enrol into KYUEM like I was supposed to, I don't think we would end up being friends. That's because he's such a cool guy and he hangs around with his cool clique and then he would see how lame I am at college. I doubt neither of us would ever approach each other. Funny how life works out sometimes, eh?

The next 3 weeks of my life would be so dull without him around. I guess I could bear with just weekly Skype sessions like how it was last year. Whatever it is, I'm never not happy with him around. I would do an appreciation post for him, but I'm not in the right headspace to do so right now so probably some time soon.

Ugh I will miss him so much until the next time we see each other again (which is in 3 weeks lol).
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