This blog is where I escape from reality & is the result of the listening part of me. Oh btw, I dont talk much in real life.


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Hi I am Qadri Hanafi. You can call me Qadri or Qad for short. 19 in 2016 & I'm really really hoping I'd get content in whatever I'm doing with my life. Currently pursuing Accounting and Finance at The University of Warwick.

AHHHH I SUCK IN DESCRIBING MYSELF! I'm sorry but I just dont know how to describe me because I prefer other people's description of me as they are the ones who judge me based on how I act around them. And that's probably why I will try my very best to adapt to new people and surroundings. Btw I dont think anyone knows me, I mean the full knowledge of Qadri, no one ever knows. It's because no one has ever walked in my shoes the whole time I've walked in it. As long as you never walked in my shoes, you'll never know where I've walked through and how it felt to be me. You dont know with who I'm comfortable the most, you dont know what I do whenever I'm alone in the dorm, you dont know how I am a total lazybum, you dont know to whom will I turn to whenever I am down, you dont know what things from my childhood that I treasure the most, you dont know what food I'll order every time I go to the mamak stall. You dont know okay and stop acting like you know me 100%. And that's why you have to be friends with me first before you quickly use your little knowledge to judge.

Anyway I love everyone and thanks for reading! xx

updated on 19/5/2015

Hi since everyone's been doing the 20 facts about me tag on Instagram & I feel guilty for not doing the tags, here you go; 20 facts about me:

(1) I'm not the kind of guy who loves video games or anything related to sports. Well I do play certain sports eg volleyball, golf, ping pong etc but then I'm not that keen towards sports like football. Heck I don't even watch football & don't even care about it. Don't ask me why, I just don't have the passion towards it. & I don't play video games too, don't know I just think video games are a waste of time. I prefer reading books, rather than damaging your eyes on pixelated screens.

(2) I'm the kind of person who thinks so much, but talks so little. I don't talk unless if I were forced to talk or if I really felt the need to express myself out or when I think something's just not right about a conversation. I prefer listening over talking. That explains why people always label me as "talkative online but passive offline". Idk I just don't have that talent in talking okay?

(3) I'm the kind of person who likes to walk in groups & who likes having people around me. I don't fancy attention that much but at least I need to have someone by me whenever I'm doing something. But then people will always get bored of me because I don't know how to keep a conversation going or even start a new topic to talk about. I'm sorry but that's just me, but I really love company. & I will really treasure those people who would just be there for me whenever I needed them.

(4) Despite liking company, I also love being alone at times. Sometimes when I felt like nothing's going right, I'll just isolate myself from people & not make any forms of communication with anyone & just be in my room & lay down on my bed. Sometimes I listen to music to cure my sadness, but some other times I'll just think about myself or about the things that are going on & I'll eventually fall asleep.

(5) I'm the type of person who rarely trusts people. That's why I very seldom tell my problems to others, even to the ones I'm close to. But if I do develop a certain trust in a person, I would really expect them to value that trust & for them to not break the trust that's been put on them. Idk but I don't really like telling my problems because I feel like people can't even help me solve the problem. Yes they may give advice & motivation but then again, it's up to myself to follow their advice. At the end of the day, the problem is myself & the solution is also myself.

(6) I make myself overly attached to people easily. Once I've gotten used to someone, it would really hurt once they're gone. I'm sorry for being too dependent but then again I can't survive on my own. I need someone to indirectly tell me that somehow I'm not alone, & that I have someone to turn to whenever I'm not grand. Whenever someone leaves me, I would be really affected. I would constantly think where did it go wrong & how to get them back into my life. However as time passes by, I'd just accept that they're not in my life picture anymore & that I have to eventually let go & move on.

(7) This is my favorite number, & also the number 17, mainly because I was born on 17th of January 1997 which equates to 7th Ramadhan 1417H.

(8) I'm a last minute person. I may have that drive to make me start doing something but once I encounter a certain blockade along the way, I'd just stop. I'd think that I'll stop temporarily but then once I stop, I won't have the motivation to continue doing it & to finish off what I've started.

(9) I'm the type of person who appreciates every single thing that someone does for me. I mean, it's not easy for that someone to actually put some effort in helping me or giving me some small things to the point that I truly treasure everything that I had & will receive from time to time. I mean wow man you actually did something for me, thanks, though I can never repay you. May Allah repay your good deed with something better later on.

(10) I'm also the kind of person who can't simply say "no" to people, especially when they're asking me for a favor that I'm capable of doing or when people invite me to certain events which I have no problems of making myself present on that day. I just can't let people down, although I will have to go through so many circumstances of actually trying to make myself present on that event, I will do it. Plus, if it involves my long lost friends who I haven't seen in ages or any activities inclusive of my bucket list, yep I'll definitely say "yes".

(11) Blue is my favourite colour. Most of my stuffs are blue like 80% of my stuffs are blue. Haha. I think I find peace & calmness within the colour itself. Or is it just me? If I'm buying something I either would buy something blue or a colour that I never had, there's no in between.

(12) I love collecting collectibles. Like whenever I go on a trip or a holiday, I prefer buying little things which I can put on display in my room. I have tons of little things around my room from different parts of the world eg a Universal Studios Singapore mini snow globe, a kangaroo doll I bought in Australia, a miniature of a Korean man with squinted eyes & a Korean-ish musical instrument, the list goes on & on.

(13) I treasure printed out photos so much, which explains the existence of an Instax camera in my room. Idk, I really think there's this sentimental value within the pictures itself which holds so many memories & moments. Plus, the polaroids I have with me are so valuable that I once did a kind of hall of fame in my room which I brought down too in the end.

(14) I sleep a lot. I sleep quite easily too, especially if I'm lying down & there's silence. I sleep well with my hands under the pillow or if I have anything to hug (that's why I love cuddling things....or people)

(15) to be continued
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